Eye-catching visuals for your articles, presentations, and reports
in a couple of clicks.


In a click, you will turn your jpeg, png, and vector images into
eye-catching creative art
Benefit from "sketchy-style" images
Improve the look and feel of your visuals in articles, presentations, and reports and start to benefit from it right away!
Increase the attention of your audience
Everyone sticks to eye-catching art such as "hand-drawn-like" pictures.
Boost the credibility of your content
Enrich your articles and presentation with professionally made visuals.
Increase the engagement rate
Get more shares and likes of your content with enhanced infographics.
When I first tried the instad.io service a month ago, it just blew my mind! Imagine, I could get creative charts and diagrams from my deadly dull ones literally in seconds!... by myself! Just needed to export a diagram from draw.io and import it into the instad.io. Eventually, it became sketchy-style as if it had been created by an artist.
Before I found out about the service I ordered similar ones from free-lance designers at kwork.
Oh, and the default presets - they’re just stunning!...

Dave Johnson
Software Evangelist at PythonLab
Hand-drawn like image auto restyler - Automagically converts vector images into sketchy style. | Product Hunt
  • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
  • PDF
  • EPS
  • You can drag-n-drop any jpg/png to vectorize
  • Or you can export diagrams from draw.io (diagrams.net), Lucidcharts, Figma or similar services as SVG image;
  • Or you can export any chart from Google Sheet as PDF;
  • Or you can download SVG icon or illustration from web;
  • Or you can save rendered SVG chart from the webpage;
and work with the images in the INSTAD.IO.

See our detailed How-To on how to export images as SVG or PDF.
  • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
  • High-resolution PNG
  • Animated GIF
  • MPEG4
  • you can save the result as static PNG image;
  • Or you can enable animation for the chart and render it as MP4 or animated GIF.
Original / Auto-Restyled
Slide the bar to compare "before the restyle"/"after the restyle" and experience the difference!
The left image is the original SVG exported from the SmartDraw map chart.
The right image is automatically restyled with INSTAD.IO using the default "pen-style" preset.
Eye-catching visuals for your articles, presentations, and reports in a couple of mouse clicks
Export diagram/icon as SVG or PDF
Drag-and-drop it onto INSTAD.IO
Select a preset / tweak filters
Download result as PNG or SVG
Watch INSTAD.IO Quick Tour

Check out HOW-TOs and Documentation on the INSTAD.IO service.
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